Aiden and Mark's Minecraft Server

We love Minecraft and we have a multiplayer server.

If you want to go on our server then you have to tell us your minecraft username, name, and email so we can whitelist you.

To add our server to your list add a sever with the sever address noseynick.net.

Add Server

When you click multiplayer you will need to wait a few seconds for it to start up. It usually says there are -1 players on the server

-1 players

We have a server map of the server so you can see what you have made


There is a cut in the world at Z=1024. anything north of it is IFIS and is reset every few weeks, so don't build on the other side! This is a screenshot of the cut

The Cut

Please don't explode TNT or creepers or other peoples stuff. Also please don't build too near other peoples stuff. There are enough 1x1 towers, don't build any more. Don't spawn too many mobs, minecarts, or other entities - you will slow the server down and will be asked to clean up after yourself!


Written by Mark and Aiden - Email us!