Just quickly, 'cos it's been a long day... 22nd Feb 2004:

PICS of birthday:

Older stuff...

Yup, on 2nd september, Estelle and Nick went to Ashford Hospital for their 12 week scan, expecting to later surprise everyone at work by bringing in an ultrasound and announcing that we were going to be parents again.

We weren't expecting quite such a surprise ourselves! TWINS!


One baby:
Baby A

Another baby:
Baby B

Both together:
Both Babies!

16 week scan

It gets better at the 16 week scan. The twins are growing very nicely indeed. The below section of notes shows that both babies are above average size on the scale, with one off the scale! At the moment we've renamed them "big and bigger".

16 week Notes:
16 wk notes

16 week babies:
16 wk scan

22 week scan

Phew, they're both in the top averages, but no longer above the scale. One is very active the other one tends to prefer to prod/punch at the moment.

22 week Notes:
22 wk notes

22 week babies:
22 wk scan


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