Aiden and Mark's Cottage Holiday 2012 Blog


  1. Day 1: The Trip Up
  2. Day 2: Boats & Olympics
  3. Day 3: Waterfalls & Ice Cream
  4. Day 4: Paper Boats, Bugs and rain
  5. Day 5: Towers, Waterfalls, and Drips
  6. Day 6: Santa's Village and Happy Feet
  7. Day 7: Heading Home
  8. Table of Medals
  9. Thanks
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Day 1: The Trip Up

20120805-01810-Vaughan 20120805-01811-Vaughan 20120805-01812-Vaughan 20120805-01814-AlgonquinHighlands

We were having a ride in the car.
First stop: Bass Pro Shops
We looked at Kathryn's life jacket and looked around. There was a big tank of fish and a waterfall over the entrance. We also got mark's shoes and ate lunch.
Second stop: canadian tire
We looked at some life jackets and some UV suits.
Third stop: Bass Pro Shops (again)
Mummy Got Kathryn's life jacket while we drove around. On the way out, we saw roller coasters.
Fourth stop: price chopper
We got some food.
Final stop: THE COTTAGE!!
We unpacked and played.

Day 2: Boats & Olympics

20120806-01817-MindenHills 20120806-01821-AlgonquinHighlands

Jenn and her dad took the boats out. Kathryn and daddy went in the canoe first. Then we had a turn. The cottage Olympics are here! Today we ran, we swam, we threw, we played badminton and ate cookies!

Day 3: Waterfalls & Ice Cream

20120807-01827 20120807-01830-IMG 20120807-01834-IMG 20120807-01839-IMG

We did some canoeing and after luch... We went to Kawatrha dairy one of the best ice cream shops in the world! Aiden had Death By Chocolate, and Mark had Chocolate And Peanut Butter. Then we went to Ritchie Falls. We explored, we climbed on rocks, found frogs and a spider the size of our hands, Mark climbed through a rocky cave tunnel, we had fun!

Day 4: Paper Boats, Bugs and rain

20120808-01846-IMG 20120808-01848-MindenHills

We made some paper boats, and had a boat sailing competition. Aiden won! We failed to catch some fish, but did catch some bugs:

It rained at lunch-time, but we did see a cool mist. After the rain stopped we went out in Jenn's Dad's motor boat - we looked at the view going to the end of the lake.

Day 5: Towers, Waterfalls, and Drips

20120809-115807 20120809-01860-MindenHills 20120809-01852-MindenHills

In the morning we played Count On Buzz Lightyear. Then we went to a ranger station with a tall tower and we climbed up to see the view. After that we went to Dorset Museum. There were turtle skeletons, shells, and a model of a machine to take logs up from one lake to another. After a pub lunch we went to the famous Robinson's Store, then to Buttermilk Falls where we explored and built inukshuks at the end of the river. Then it rained. We went back to the cottage, played some more games, and water started coming through the cottage roof!

Day 6: Santa's Village and Happy Feet

20120810-01864-IMG 20120810-01870-IMG 20120810-01871-IMG 20120810-01879-Bracebridge 20120810-01880-Bracebridge 20120810-01883-Bracebridge 20120810-01885-Bracebridge 20120810-01888-Bracebridge

We used the rollercoaster road to get to Santa's Village where it's Christmas all year round. At Santa's Village we:

After a long day, we went back to the cottage and watched Happy Feet.

Day 7: Heading Home


We packed up all our stuff and headed home. We stopped for lunch at Barrie and ate burgers under the Spirit Catcher which looked like someone with many knives put through their arms!

Table of Medals

These are the results of our Olympic Games

Sport Gold SilverBronze
Running KathrynMark Aiden
Swimming KathrynAiden Mark
Discus KathrynMark Aiden
BadmintonAiden Mark Kathryn
Sailing Aiden Mark Kathryn


Many thanks to our good friend Jenn and her family for letting us stay in their cottage and for mending the roof in the rain! We had a lovely holiday in the cottage next to the lake.

Written by Mark and Aiden - Email us!